Five Frugal Finds #4

Finance, Lifestyle

I’ve been on a frugal roll lately!  I made dinner for a night with friends instead of going out to eat. Served one of my favorite easy recipes: quesadillas with black beans, avocado, corn, red onion and BBQ sauce. All together, including snacks, it was still cheaper than just a main course in a restaurant! […]

September 15, 2019

Update / No buy month

Finance, Lifestyle, Personal

I am more than halfway through my no buy month! So how did I manage thus far? I have to say it is harder than I thought! A possible reason is that I am a bit too focussed on the fact that I am not allowed to buy anything. What happens is that I suddenly want […]

August 18, 2019

No Buy Month – August

Finance, Lifestyle

Since I completely KonMaried my house a few years ago I am trying to do a half-yearly home decluttering, to keep the items in our house to a minimum. (You probably heard of Marie Kondo, she wrote two books about tidying up and has her own Netflix series). We don’t have a big house, it’s […]

August 4, 2019

Five Frugal Finds #3

Finance, Lifestyle

I am so excited! They are offering Pilates and yoga classes at my work since a few weeks. They offer different lessons, each for 4 euro each. This compared to regular classes, which cost around 10 to 12,50 euro per lesson, is very cheap! The classes are nice, the instructor gives clear instructions and adjusted […]

April 27, 2019

Everything I bought in February

Finance, Lifestyle, Personal

I have so many ideas for blog posts, but didn’t have (make) the time to properly sit down to write them. So meanwhile it’s April and I am writing February’s article. Woops! I bought quite a lot in February actually, mostly clothes, because I discovered a great second hand shop close to my work and […]

April 7, 2019

Everything I bought in January

Finance, Lifestyle

So this year I am trying to keep track of everything that comes into and goes out of our house. That way I can actually see if I stick to my resolution to buy less stuff and to keep things from sneaking into my house. Because it happens quite often and it’s so easy to […]

February 17, 2019