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Finance, Lifestyle, Personal / Sunday, April 7th, 2019

I have so many ideas for blog posts, but didn’t have (make) the time to properly sit down to write them. So meanwhile it’s April and I am writing February’s article. Woops! I bought quite a lot in February actually, mostly clothes, because I discovered a great second hand shop close to my work and went there several times. I am always looking for pots for my ‘Growing it forward’ project at work (I’ll write about this later), and while I am at the store I always take a look at the clothes they have.


Clothing (all second hand) 7x

  • Black top €1,25
  • Blue cardigan €3,-
  • Grey sweater (so comfy!) €4,-
  • Kangaroo onesie €1,-
  • Red trousers €3,-
  • Striped summer dress €5,-
  • Grey skirt €4,-

Total: 7 items for a whopping total of €21,25 ($23,87)

I am actually not sure about the blue cardigan. I worn it a few times, but I am not completely in love with it. The downside of buying second hand for me it’s that it is easy to buy things even if you’re not completely sure, just because it’s so cheap. The red trousers are a complete other story. We always wash all our coloured clothes together (since we don’t have that many anyway and we use special colour catch sheets) and we did the laundry like we normally do… So I ended up with a few not so white and blue shirts…which I definitely didn’t want to give up. After about 5 washes with laundry detergent, vinegar and ammonia (this was advice from google, so quite a gamble, but it worked very well) and they are good to go again. So happy that I tried!

Personal 3x

I took two books out of a free library when we were in Belgium (we went hiking with friends for a weekend). Since I am learning French and these books are fairly thin and supposedly easy reads, it would be a waste not to take them. I also bought some checkered fabric which I am planning to make handkerchiefs out of. This cost me €0,50.

Total €0,50

House 3x

  • Soup bowl €0,50, replacing the one we broke (second hand).
  • Plant (Epipremnum Marble Queen) €2,50
  • Blue pot €1,50 (second hand)

I was looking for a specific hanging plant (Monstera Monkey Mask), but I could only find them in bad condition (and quite small), so I decided not to buy it. At the second garden center we visited I found this lovely hanging plant, which was only €2,50 so it was coming home with me!

Total of €4,50

Growing it forward 9x

So I kinda went crazy with buying plant pots and since they are not ending up in my house it’s even more fun! I bought eight pots in total and some soil. I ended up spending €7,74.

A total of 13 items coming into our house and a total of €33,99 ($38,18) spend on stuff.


Clothing 7x

  • Black top (worn-out)
  • My favorite cardigan that sadly was falling apart
  • Green shirt
  • Red scarf I didn’t wear all winter
  • Black trousers (worn-out)
  • Bikini top
  • A black hat. I actually forgot it in a restaurant in Belgium, so I did not voluntarily got rid of it.

House/miscellaneous 4x

  • I had two lush jars laying around. You can trade five for a face mask, but since I don’t buy a lot of Lush products anymore I decided to give them away. Made a post on Facebook and they got picked up the same day!
  • Broken phone cover
  • Christmas mug. I bought this as a quick replacement for the broken soup bowl. I brought it to the office, because there is no such thing as too many mugs.

This totals to 11 items going out of the house.

Totals 2019
Coming in: 11 + 13 = 24 items
Going out: 17 + 11 = 28 items

Total score 2019: – 4 items in the house

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