Everything I bought in January

Finance, Lifestyle / Sunday, February 17th, 2019

So this year I am trying to keep track of everything that comes into and goes out of our house. That way I can actually see if I stick to my resolution to buy less stuff and to keep things from sneaking into my house. Because it happens quite often and it’s so easy to fill up your house with random stuff!

With everything that comes in, I mean everything except for food and household stuff like cleaning supplies. I am also not tracking everything we buy for the garden, since a lot of it will go towards our vegetable garden.I am only keeping track of items I buy and things we buy for the house. I am not keeping track of items my boyfriend buys. I divided the items in the following categories: Clothing, personal items, house/miscellaneous items and gifts. Although the presents are not ending up in my house, I am still keeping track of them. I would like to buy less things for my friends as well and give them more experiences instead.

In short, I bought 2 clothing items, 4 personal items, 5 household items and 14 presents (it’s not as much as it seems, really). I listed all the items below:

Clothing 2x

  • 2 pairs of pants (second-hand)

Personal 4x:

  • A cookbook (e-book)
  • Organicup
  • Notebook
  • Passport

A total spend of €165.68 ($187.17)

Household items 5x

So we went to IKEA to get a frame… (we all know what happened next) .. and we came back with 4 items. But at least the frame is one of them! We also bought:

  • A frying pan (replacing an old one)
  • A pillow (also replacing an old one)
  • A toilet paper holder. (Yes this was on our list for 1,5 years…).

Not from IKEA but also something we bought this month:

  • A printed photo

We printed a photo from our last holiday, and because of that we needed a frame hence our IKEA shopping trip.

A total spend of €82.75 ($93.48)

Growing it forward/gifts 14x

I bought 14 gifts in January, but 12 of those were pots. I got all of them at a second hand store. I will use them for cuttings I got at work and I am giving them away to colleagues who can use a plant in their room. It will be a (hopefully) nice experiment and I am hoping to get the costs covered. I will dedicate a blogpost to it in the future! I also bought potting soil and lastly I bought a gift for a colleague who just got a baby. No birthdays in January, so a cheap month in terms of gifts.

A total spend of €16,34 ($18.46) (I really love second hand shops for this kind of things).


I didn’t only buy stuff this month, I also got rid of quite some items:

  • 5 books
  • 6 pieces of clothing (shorts, blazer, sweatpants, t-shirt, top and skirt)
  • A frying pan
  • An old pillow
  • A broken pot
  • An alarm which did not work anymore (and could not be fixed)
  • Old adapter for a laptop we don’t longer own

So this brings the total of new items to 11 and the total going out is 17! I am really happy with the start of this experiment! I just hope I can keep this up for the rest of the year.

Score: – 6 items

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