Five Frugal Finds #2

Lifestyle, Personal / Sunday, April 14th, 2019

This week’s frugal finds are completely made up of things I got for free!

  1. A colleague had a birthday and brought quite some cake. Since I eat vegan I didn’t have any, but we came across the subject of food waste and I mentioned I would rather take some home for my boyfriend than seeing it going to waste. And he was lucky! I got to take a piece of brownie pie (apperently that’s a thing) home in my cleaned lunchbox.
  2. Last week we ordered some (vegan) pizza, because we were both exhausted and we just got a coupon in the mail. There was a piece of meat on mine, which obviously defeats the point of vegan pizza, so I sent a message and they were so kind to give me a free pizza with our next order.
  3. I am only just noticing that the rest of my frugal things all have something to do with chocolate‚Ķ I did a short phone survey for a company and received a fancy chocolate bar in the mail as a thank you! Not necessary, but nevertheless a very kind gesture! Saved it to regift it since it’s not vegan.
  4. Me and my boyfriend follow dance lessons every week and one of our friends there works at a chocolate company and she was so nice to bring chocolate for us! Such a treat!
  5. Another colleague’s birthday! She made vegan chocolate espresso cupcakes (yum), and told me I had to take the rest home. You don’t hear me complain! Shared them with my bf and with my parents who I visited the next day.

I feel very lucky and happy to have so many kind people in my life! What are our frugal finds this week?

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