Five Frugal Finds #3

Finance, Lifestyle / Saturday, April 27th, 2019
  1. I am so excited! They are offering Pilates and yoga classes at my work since a few weeks. They offer different lessons, each for 4 euro each. This compared to regular classes, which cost around 10 to 12,50 euro per lesson, is very cheap! The classes are nice, the instructor gives clear instructions and adjusted exercises for everyone who has injuries (which, me included, is half of the group 😉 ).
  2. Visited my mom for my first knitting lesson! I wanted to learn for ages and decided to make it a priority this year. We were supposed to go to the beach, but since the weather decided go into winter mode again we changed to indoors! We visited a yarn shop while there and she got me some yarn to get me started with my first knitting project!
  3. Picked up a free basket through a local Facebook group. I was looking for one for a few months already, since I wanted something to store my wool in and this one is perfect! I am so happy I waited this one out.
  4. Picked up a book from the library and returned it in time. Mostly reading from my stack at home though. I have about 10 books left in our bookcase at home waiting to be read this year!
  5. We had Easter brunch with my in-laws and my mother-in-law made me a delicious vegan brunch! I could take the spreads like hummus and vegan pate home, because they don’t eat them. We had another Easter brunch the day after, and our friends made delicious homemade bread! They had some flour left and I got to take it home to try for myself!

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