Five Frugal Finds #4

Finance, Lifestyle / Sunday, September 15th, 2019

I’ve been on a frugal roll lately! 

  1. I made dinner for a night with friends instead of going out to eat. Served one of my favorite easy recipes: quesadillas with black beans, avocado, corn, red onion and BBQ sauce. All together, including snacks, it was still cheaper than just a main course in a restaurant!
  2. Harvested two pumpkins from our garden. Sadly, these are the only two pumpkins, while last year I had five. This summer was not as great as last year, so it makes sense. I am looking forward to picking the cherry tomatoes, they are a bit late, but almost ready to harvest! 
  3. Reading books from my stash. I cancelled my library subscription so I can finish reading the stack of books I have accumulated over the last few years. If I am not going to read them now, then when? 
  4. Picked up a free supply of flowerpots through Facebook for my plant giveaways at work. The next day I found another pot in good condition at the side of the road!
  5. I’m selling quite some plants through Marktplaats, the Dutch version of Craigslist. My boyfriend is away for three weeks and I am trying to get the house in order before he comes back. So I’m cleaning up and making some money at the same time: it’s a win- win!

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