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Lifestyle, Sustainability / Friday, March 15th, 2019

I am a big fan of Katy Wolk-Stanley, the woman behind the website ‘The Non-Consumer Advocate’ ( She doesn’t buy anything new (with a few logical exceptions) and posts her frugal wins on her blog under the name ‘Five frugal things’. I love reading her posts and all the comments with other people’s frugal finds. They give me so much inspiration! So I’ve decided to keep track of my frugal finds, simply because I love finding good and cheap deals and I’m doing good for the planet at the same time! And hopefully I can inspire some of you as well :).

  1. It’s already March so this means it’s time to start sowing some of my vegetable seeds! I will start indoors, since in the Netherlands they can only go outside medio May. I sifted through all my seeds and have a few like radish (ironic right) and arugula I don’t like. I asked around in a Facebook group if people wanted to trade and I managed to get some new varieties including pickles, lettuce and a few varieties of tomatoes! Happy me! No need to buy anything new, I can make other people happy  and all that for the cost of a stamp!
  2. I am digging out my kitchen cabinets to find food I forgot about/need to finish. I found a can of fake tuna a friend brought from the US and used it to make a ‘tuna’ spread. It was delicious, but sadly I can’t ever recreate it now haha.
  3. I continued to use up some more food like canned jackfruit. I intended to buy jackfruit in brine, but accidentally bought jackfruit in syrup. So today I am enjoying some jackfruit. I also had some rice flour lying around and I used it for a recipe my colleague gave me (Vegan Twix bars, yum!)
  4. I visited my grandparents together with my boyfriend and nephew to help them with some chores around the house and garden. Afterwards I walked through their greenhouse with my grandfather (they have a massive garden, with a huge greenhouse in the back, it’s lovely!) and I spotted a beautiful Aloë plant. I asked for a cutting and he basically gave me a whole plant with two small cuttings attached (the original plant was the biggest Aloë I have ever seen, I was too busy drooling over the plant to take pictures though). I still had some pots so now they are enjoying their new life in my windowsill.
  5. I started a plant shelter at the office (I am the crazy plant lady there, it’s fun). In short, I take cuttings from plants in the office or bring cuttings from home, buy some cheap pots at the second hand store and hand them out to whoever wants them so they can brighten up their office space. And a colleague just found 6 pots lying around somewhere in the office (we have 26 floors) and gave them to me, big win! I only need to get/make some new cuttings to put in there.

So what are your frugal finds lately?

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