Growing it forward

Lifestyle, Personal / Friday, July 26th, 2019

I love plants and I will admit I am a crazy plant lady. And once people around you know you like plants, they just keep coming in (I bring in my fair share as well).

It wasn’t always that way. It started after we bought our first house almost 2 years ago. I asked some plants for my birthday, which resulted in getting some lovely ones and me in need of flower pots. We visited some garden centers nearby and I found all the pots I needed, but also some more plants … so also more flower pots etc. Two years later I have (at this very moment) around 70 plants. But that doesn’t mean I bought all of them, definitely not! Most of them are gifted, traded or cuttings!

Just before the start of my big half yearly repotting party

Plants @ work

At some point I figured I could take some plants to work as well, to make it a bit less cold and office like (and to get some space back at home). After that it quickly got out of hand. It started with a colleague asking me for help with a spider plant which was smelling like sewer (yuk). The plant got so overwatered, it started to rot. I took it apart in the little kitchenette we have on our floor and it had a ton of babies, and I managed to save around 20 of them, happy me! My colleagues on the other hand were not so enthusiastic, because the smell lingered for the rest of the day… 

I decided to buy some pots at the second hand shop and to try to give them away at work. I work at a software company which employs around 500 to 600 people, so I was hoping there would be enough people who would be excited. I made some posters and put them up in the elevators and in a few hours the first ten plants found their new owners! Since then I gave away around 45 plants at my office and another 20 to friends. Someone on the Dutch Facebookgroup for trading plants suggested the name ‘Growing it forward’ and I stuck with it since.

I have around 20 more plants to give away and that will also free up some much needed space in the house again. Apparently there is something as too many plants, I didn’t know either.

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