No Buy Month – August

Finance, Lifestyle / Sunday, August 4th, 2019

Since I completely KonMaried my house a few years ago I am trying to do a half-yearly home decluttering, to keep the items in our house to a minimum. (You probably heard of Marie Kondo, she wrote two books about tidying up and has her own Netflix series). We don’t have a big house, it’s around 71m2 or 764ft2, and we are really happy with it, but we do need to occasionally declutter it to keep it organised :). 

I got rid of around 50 items this time (and my boyfriend got rid of some things as well which I am not counting towards the total), even while there is not that much to get rid of. Still, it showed me how much stuff I actually accumulate. Recently I read ‘The Hidden Impact’ by Babette Porcelijn (It’s actually a Dutch book called the ‘De verborgen impact’). It’s about what impact you as a person have on the planet and the best ways to reduce your environmental impact on it. #1 is, in summary, buy less stuff. Simple as that, so I thought it would be perfect to follow-up with a No Buy Month. The money I will have left over at the end of the month (hopefully) will be used to boost our mortgage repayment. 

I’ve set myself some rules to make it easier to stick to:

  1. I will obviously need to buy groceries and things like toiletries, but I will try to eat the food I have left in the pantry/freezer and use up other things I have in the house.
  2. No eating out!
  3. If something unexpectedly breaks and I can’t repair it, it’s ok to replace it (if I can’t do without).
  4. I will be meeting up with some friends this month and I will suggest get togethers that don’t cost (a lot of) money. 
  5. There are some things that we are planning to buy for our house like an outdoor lamp, because the old one broke down (there are just wires sticking out of the wall now). I will try to get creative and find a second-hand one, but if that doesn’t work out I am fine with buying one (also see point 2).

Compared to other No Buy Months from some other bloggers, this is quite a light version I think. But nonetheless it will be hard to stop popping my head into the second-hand shop on my route home. I also hope to free up some time to do some chores in and around the house. Have you ever done a No Buy Week/Month/Year? If yes, how did it go?

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