The final verdict / No buy month

Finance, Lifestyle, Personal / Sunday, September 8th, 2019

It’s September, that means my no buy month is over! Was it hard? Was it a success? Did I save money? Yes, yes and yes!

Like I confessed before: I did buy something during my no buy month, to be specific, I bought a chef’s knife. I don’t regret buying it, but I did feel like I failed my challenge for a while. But the fact that I felt bad about it also showed me that I was not ready to give up yet. I didn’t buy anything else for the rest of the month!

Did I learn anything?
Well, yes, I learned that I definitely do not ‘need’ a lot of stuff. I want it, but I don’t need it. I am so used to buying stuff that I never thought about the fact that I’m really privileged that I can buy all this stuff without thinking too much about it. Even if it’s just small stuff, it’s still stuff that I probably don’t even need. 

This month also showed me that the small things really add up. I don’t do a lot of big purchases, but all the small amounts for example from the second hand shops do form a large amount of money together. So what did I spend in total (besides my fixed expenses)?

Total spending
I did not only try to limit what I bought, but also tried to limit  the rest of my spending. My total spending in August exists of €5,75 for drinks, €91,- for the knife and €34,50 for the hairdresser. I did not plan for the hairdresser this month. But I happened to be in Delft to visit friends (where I still go to the hairdresser because she is amazing) so I decided to combine it with getting a haircut since my hair was getting too heavy to deal with. I usually go every six months, although this time it was only three. I let her chop of a fair amount which should last me for half a year without a haircut. Lastly I had to pay €85,04 for healthcare I used the month before. Total variable spending: €216,29. I still had €183,14 left which I put into my savings account. This maybe doesn’t sound like much, but this is apart from the €700,- I already put into my savings account just after my paycheck came in. This means almost €900,- saved in August! I am really happy with that, especially with the two somewhat bigger expenses I had.

What is the first thing I bought after my no spend month?
Shoes! I was already looking for good deals on Converse shoes since mine are at the end of their life. I was looking for a low pair of white Converse (my go to shoe for years), but could not find any deals on them. By chance, a colleague just got blue Converse on sale, so I snatched them up for 50% off! So these hopefully will last me a few years.

Would I do a no buy month again? Definitely! I think it’s a good way to reset your buying habits and separate your wants from your needs. Would you ever consider doing a no buy month?

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