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Finance, Lifestyle, Personal / Sunday, August 18th, 2019

I am more than halfway through my no buy month! So how did I manage thus far? I have to say it is harder than I thought! A possible reason is that I am a bit too focussed on the fact that I am not allowed to buy anything. What happens is that I suddenly want to buy everything (it’s similar to when I’m telling myself I should not eat the chocolate and you keep thinking about the freaking chocolate because of it, it’s like a vicious cycle).

Right at the beginning of my no buy month I almost screwed up. Our supermarket occasionally has very nice plants, for only one euro. I still have not discovered the regularity with which they arrive (it’s probably for the better) and of course, in the first week of my no buy month I ran into them. I was already justifying buying one, because I could probably sell it for more and it was only one euro etc. But somehow I managed to talk myself out of it (although I already found the prettiest one). After that I had another temptation when my all time favorite ceramic brand (Tiny Supply) announced their shop update for last Sunday. I never managed to buy something because they always update their shop when it’s nighttime in the Netherlands, but this time I actually would be awake! I ended up having a sneak peek 15 minutes after they updated and safe to say everything was gone by then. Of course I did not need anything, but it’s just so damn cute. 

I thought I would be good for a while after my two ‘almost fails’, but no.. I had my eye on a proper chef knife for months (we have some old ones which are losing their colored layer when you use it, not very practical) and I hoped to get it for my birthday, but I got some other awesome things instead. I quickly looked it up and found out it was on sale for 40 euro’s off. I did not manage to hold myself this time, because I would have bought it after August anyway and I could have kicked myself for not buying it when it was cheaper. So yeah, I regret it a bit, but not completely.

On a positive note, I am doing quite well with not eating out so far. I only went for drinks once with a friend and spend no more than 6 euro! Some other friends suggested going out to eat, but I volunteered to make dinner (I made vegan quesadillas) which ended up being cheaper than a main course at a restaurant! Besides the knife no other spending this month. My wishlist is completely empty right now, so I will do my best to make it to the end of the month without buying anything else! 😉

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